Olá! I am Vini,

the Creative coffee drinker

Started doing vinyl stickers when I was 15 by curiosity at my family business. The guy who sold the machine thought me the very basics of the vectorization in a one-hour tutorial. Can you believe he didn’t offer me a coffee?

Yeah, by the time I had an idea of being a cool photographer with my cool sneakers listening to Eminem on my MP3. Soon I graduated in Advertising and I learned I could become something else and still look cool and not need to wear suits every day.

Got some internships, some jobs at agencies and even had my business. Worked with numerous brands from different industries most of the time as Art Director. Experiences in diverse agencies and people that I will have for life:

  • ‘Tidy up your desk. It’s not your home”
  • “Can you make coffee?”
  • “Don’t pass the problem. Solve it!”

They sound harsh because they were. But most of the time they are very useful (including making coffee), and I’m glad someone told me once in my life and somehow got me where I am now: in Amsterdam.

Here I joined some companies such as iSportconnect, IcyMedia, Snack-Media and WePlay.

I’ve been working with some fantastic clients like Fifa, Yokohama, AC Milan, European Tour, ESPN, British Athletics and many other brands. Working on branding, paid media, organic, printing, video editing, Motion Graphics and… drinking coffee because usually, I’m discussing a project and coffee is a social drink.

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